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Small PA Hire Package

Yamaha  Ls9-32ch
Multi & Stagebox
Q10 d&b Audiotechnik
M4 d&b Audiotechnik  
D80 amplifier
Stage to required spec

Medium PA Hire Package

Midas Pro1-40ch
Multi & Stagebox
Q7 d&b Audiotechnik
M4 d&b Audiotechnik  
D80 amplifier
Stage to required spec

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Large PA Hire Package

Digico SD8-56ch Multi & Stagebox
Q1 d&b Audiotechnik
Q7 d&b Audiotechnik
M4 d&b Audiotechnik
D80 amplifier
Stage to required spec

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Sub-Hiring To Other Sound Company’s 2014

Chaps PA is an audio hire business which has grown into a complete event production company.

We continue to offer a comprehensive audio hire service to London and throughout UK. We strive to help our private clients, local venues, event

companies and other organisations.

Our services range from small vocal PAs to concert line array systems. Thoughout 2014 we have worked with a number of different companies Such as

Aztec  – Entec  –  MetrobroadcastLx-tricks Live audio production Rhema church LondonOrbitalAcemates

Space craftStar light designs – Vertical sessionsZero DBSlutwalkRKDO sound Shockaudiohire

Below is a testimonal from “Shockaudiohire”



Many thanks to you and the other Chaps guys for the sound system which you provided for our recent festival in Guildhall Yard.

The time available for set up was tight but thankfully you arrived exactly when you said you would and the event got off to a great start. We look forward to seeing you again next year.

Many thanks



Jamie Cullum Tours with DiGiCo SD8 2013


Jazz/pop artist Jamie Cullum is currently in the midst of an extensive world tour to promote his latest album The Pursuit. At the Front of House position is a DiGiCo SD8 mixing console, which is aiding engineer Danny White own pursuit of the newest mixing technologies.
Combining the touring roles of front of house engineer, tour manager and more, Danny bought the SD8 for his family-run audio and lighting production company Chaps last year. Based in Sutton, Surrey – not far from DiGiCo’s Chessington HQ – Chaps is providing both equipment and personnel to the tour.



 “You have to embrace the latest technology because it’s what everyone is doing. It’s the way forward and I saw the SD8 as part of that development,” he says. “To me, mixing is all about the path. If I have a good signal path then I’m happy.

“When I was told that the SD8 has the same signal path as the SD7, I realised that it offers exceptional value. What it does is phenomenal and the quality is fantastic, you can tell just by hearing it. When I saw the price my reaction was ‘OK, where’s the catch?'”
Using a d&b Q series system, the five-piece band has around 30 inputs into the SD8, split between five vocal mics, a dozen or so DIs, instrument mics and a Helpinstill piano sensor.

“It’s like a guitar pickup for the piano strings. It’s quite amazing, the best way of amplifying a piano I’ve heard,” says Danny. “We also mic the piano up, because Jamie slaps it a lot.”


He continues, “I’m quite minimalist. I don’t make it any more complex than it needs to be. As long as I have a good vocal, good piano and the rest is good and clean, I can mix the show almost as they start.

“In terms of effects, I’m only using onboard and then just a bit of gate on the kick drum and a bit of reverb. I don’t use much compression because I have to ride the faders. The dynamic range of the show is so great, it changes so dramatically that I can’t leave it to compressors.”
Another reason for mixing on the fly is that the band rarely uses a set list, preferring to have the spontaneity of a different show each night and freeing Cullum to spend as much time as he wants interacting with the audience.

“Jamie will introduce a song, or play a bit of the intro and we go ‘Right, it’s that one’. It’s sort of organised chaos but it really works. The audiences love it,” says Danny. “I have the same approach to sound – when something works, I don’t mess around too much with it.”
Although the SD8 has presented something of a learning curve, it’s one that Danny and son Tom are rapidly adapting to, with DiGiCo’s technical support always at the end of the phone, if needed.

“Compared to an analogue desk there is so much to learn, relatively speaking, but I’m finding my feet and, as challenges arise, we’re learning the console more and more.


Slutwalk (2012) Trafalgur Square

SLUTWALK LONDON IS A protest movement sparked by a Canadian police officer’s advice to women.Thousands of people marched throughtout london finally ending up in trafalgur square for speeches given by a variety of people. They needed a sound system to cover Trafalgur Square which held up to an audience of 5000.Below are a few photos.

Screen Shot 2012-12-26 at 22.43.31


CHAPS PA’s third UK tour with Newton Faulkner, March 2010

Chaps pa have been on the road With Newton Faulkner for the whole of march 2010 travelling all over the UK. He is know for his spectacular guitar playing which involves him rhythmically tapping and hitting the guitar body. We have catered for all his sound requirements, from medium sized theatres to large 4000 capacity auditoriums. Once again the tour was stress free. We used a hang of 10 Q1’s and 6 Qsubs aside which catered for the job sufficiently and for infill we used 4 Q7’s which run along the front of the stage.






On Tour With Jamie Cullum



Picture 4



New Stock Arrives More Q1-D&B Audiotechnik Speakers



Chaps pa hire department have decided to add additional new stock.We have invested in even more D&B Audiotechnik speakers because of their reliabilty and efficient size. These new D&B Audiotechnik Q 1’s can be used in a number of different situations ranging from medium sized festivals to 10,000 screaming fans. What makes them even more unique is that you can rotate the inner horn vertically or horizontally allowing you to increase and decrease the dispersion angle. Depending upon what application its used for.

Medieval Babes December Tour



Once again Chaps pa is on the road with the Medieval babes. This means the Chaps pa team will be travelling up and down the country, setting up sound systems in cathedrals and churches. The tour consists of 6 beautiful babes singing and chanting medieval lyric’s.


We have been providing PA hire for the medieval babes for a number of years


Installed A D&B Rig Into One Of The Most Beautiful Venues



VENUE – Consorci del Palau de la MúsicaCatalana

Opened on February 9th 1908, the Palau de la Música Catalana is one of the most representative buildings of Catalan Modernist style.


Langham Hotel Private Function

Sound / Lights /staging / Radio hire

A private function that required a small and discreet sound system for speeches, also some staging and uplighting for an orchastra




Word Of Life Church Event: Parachute Band




Chaps PA recently organised a word of life church event ,we provided all the sound equipment required for the parachute band who are a New Zealand based christian rock band. The rig consisted of 2 Q7′s and 2 Q-subs, powered by 2 D12 D&B audiotecknik amplifiers. FOH was operated from an LS9 32 with all the band members on in-ears. The event had a very successful out come with both the client and audience pleased.





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