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40ch Midas Pro 1 | Digital Console

40ch Midas Pro 1 Black Digital Console

£250 PER DAY

The award-winning Midas PRO1-IP Digital Console is equipped with 24 inputs. 3 additional AES50 ports can facilitate the connection of another 172 inputs and outputs. There are also 27 mix buses and 8 matrices. 

This is a pro-grade, flexible mixing console that is suitable for a wide range of live audio applications. Multiple processing, FX and EQ units can be assigned to any of the 48 channels via the professional LCD TFT operation panel. 

Every aspect of this console has been engineered with unparalleled audio control and quality in mind. It’s an excellent choice for a wide array of live sound events, functions and performances. 24 inputs and huge expandability via the AES50 inputs suit this controller to medium and large-scale live audio events. 

• 24 inputs

• 3 AES50 ports for expanding inputs and outputs to 172+

• 6 assignable multi-channel digital effects units

• Lightweight at approx. 21kg

This awesome UK-designed Midas PRO mixing desk has a nice quantity of local inputs. It’s expandable via its 3 AES ports. 


About the Midas PRO1

This superb industry stalwart console handles 48 input channels with 24 excellent Midas preamps. Packed into a compact, aluminium frame, this mixer is compact enough for portable use and fits well into many live sound applications ranging from music videos to live gigs, small productions and conferences. 

The PRO1 is technically competent courtesy of its time-aligned mix busses, 40-bit floating point processing and AES50 audio networking. In fact, some 172 inputs can be dynamically assigned to the console with 172 outputs at 96kHz. Superb connectivity makes this console fit for use in cutting-edge modern setups where it delivers performance beyond its compact size. 


The MIDAS Mic Preamplifier

MIDAS preamps are some of the best in the industry. With some four decades of R&D under their belts, MIDAS have been delivering quality products for a long time and their pre-amps are renowned for warmth and detail. This makes your live audio sound better. 

Not only are MIDAS desks warm and detailed, but they also provide subtle ambience and quality sound imaging to give presence to even the quietest instruments. Transparent with low noise and superb quality are hallmarks of MIDAS’ preamp design. 


MIDAS Audio Networking

The MIDAS PRO1 features SuperMAC (AES50-Compliant) networking technology from Klark Teknik. It’s compatible with all MIDAS PRO I/O units and many other 96 kHz AES50 devices. Multiple consoles can also be connected together for large-scale mixing applications, though it might be more sensible to simply use one of our other larger desks. 


Why choose the MIDAS Pro 1?

There are a few reasons why the MIDAS Pro 1 is a great choice for a digital mixing console. First, it has a great feature set that includes plenty of channels and a whole host of other features that make it a great choice for a digital mixing console. Second, the MIDAS Pro 1 is very user-friendly and easy to use. Finally, the MIDAS Pro 1 is a very affordable option for a digital mixing console – especially when you hire it. 


The MIDAS Pro 1 handled this gig with ease!


The MIDAS Pro 1 is an industry-benchmark console that provides superb quality for a range of live sound applications. It’s compact, but supports enough inputs and outputs for live bands or small outside broadcast applications. 

The PRO1 has outstanding pre-amps which sound great, adding sparkle and warmth to live instruments. This has helped immortalise it as one of the industry’s longest standing consoles. 


What are mixing desks?

A mixing desk is a piece of audio equipment that allows the user to control the level, pan and other properties of multiple audio signals. The signals can be from different sources, such as microphones, instruments or playback devices. The mixing desk then combines the signals and outputs them to an amplifier or recording device.

Mixing desks come in a variety of different sizes, from small units that are designed for home studios, to large-scale desks that are used in professional studios and live venues. The number of channels (inputs and outputs) and the features offered will vary depending on the model. Some mixing desks also include effects units, such as reverb or delay, which can be applied to the audio signals.

Mixing desks are an essential piece of equipment for any studio or live setup that uses multiple audio sources. They provide the user with a high degree of control over the sound, and allow for a wide range of creative possibilities.


MIDAS Pro 1 price

The MIDAS PRO1, when available, usually costs north of £5,000. It’s seldom available new these days. 

We offer this console on a day rate of just £250, which is incredibly reasonable. 

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