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D&B Audiotechnik D80 Amp

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D&B Audiotechnik D80 Amp

The D80 amplifier is a high power four channel density amplifier, key element in services, providing a maximum output power 4 x 4000 W into 4 Ω to our d&b loudspeaker setups

D&B loudspeaker setups

Core Details of D80 Amplifier

It uses a power supply with active Power Factor Correction (PFC) suitable for mains voltages 100 V/120 V/200 V/230 V, 50 – 60 Hz and maintains a stable output when used with weak or unstable mains supplies. An NL8 provides all outputs on a single connector, while individual outputs are optionally NL4 or EP5 connectors. RJ 45 and etherCON connectors enable access to the d&b Remote network via CAN-Bus and OCA/AES70 via Ethernet respectively

Among its qualities, there is an amazing signal delay capability that enables user definable settings of up to 10 s (= 3440 m/11286 ft) to be applied independently to each channel. The same applies to the two 16-band equalizers, providing optional parametric, asymmetric, shelving or notch filtering. 

With the LoadMatch function, an increased accuracy of audio reproduction over a bandwidth of up to 20 kHz can be obtained – thanks to its electrical compensation of loudspeaker cable properties, without the need for an extra conductor. 

D-80 Retro

The full setup can be easily done with its featured Colour TFT touchscreen, a 3.5″/320 x 240 pixel display that makes every faster and straightforward.

We use the D80 to power up our Q-Series, available in our different packages, offering a full professional solution to your event, or individually here.

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