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d&b audiotechnik Flying Grids For Q-Series

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d&b audiotechnik Flying Grids For Q-Series

d&b audiotechnik Flying Grids For Q-Series


The d&b Q-Series flying frame grid rigging kit can be used to fly the Q1, Q7, Q10 & Q-Sub speakers. 

This is a tour-grade flying frame kit for suspending Q-Series speakers from the ceiling of safely equipped venues. We can assess your venue to work out if and how the flying frame can be fitted safely. 

We are also equipped with full sets of line-array safety chains, brackets and other hardware. This flying frame has a max system weight of 480 kg (1058 lb). Any Q-Subs must be placed at the top of the array. 

  • Flying frame kit for the Q-Series line array
  • 480kg max system weight

Contact us at Chaps PA for more details on our d&b audiotechnik hardware, rigging and flying grid.

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