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d&b audiotechnik Q7 | Full Range Speakers

d&b audiotechnik Q7 Full Range Speakers


Similar to the d&b audiotechnik Q10, the d&b audiotechnik Q7 also features two 10” LF drivers and a 1.3” HF driver. However, they have a narrower dispersion (75° vs 110°). Broadly speaking, the Q10s are best when covering a wider area, hall, area, venue, etc. The Q7 is best for smaller venues. Both provide high-quality, warm and precise audio. 

Q7s and Q10s are ideally partnered with the Q1s in a Q-Series line-array, or as infills/outfills for placement at the centre or side of stage. 

  • 75° x 40° passive 2-way loudspeaker
  • Free-standing or stand-mounted full-range speakers
  • Dual 10” LF drivers and 1.3” HF compression driver per speaker
  • EP5 connections
  • 400w RMS

Contact us at Chaps PA to discuss your event’s loudspeaker requirements and hire d&b speakers. 

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