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d&b Q7 Full Range Cabinets

High quality audio for

live events

Sound Equipment Hire & Audio Solution


The d&b Q7






Similar to the d&b audiotechnik Q10, the d&b audiotechnik Q7 also features two 10” LF drivers and a 1.3” HF driver. However, they have a narrower dispersion (75° vs 110°). Broadly speaking, the Q10s are best when covering a wider area, hall, area, venue, etc. The Q7 is best for smaller venues. 


Both provide high-quality, warm and precise audio. 


Q7s and Q10s are ideally partnered with the Q1s in a Q-Series line array, or as infills/outfills for placement at the centre or side of stage. 


75° x 40° passive 2-way loudspeaker

Free-standing or stand-mounted full-range speakers

Dual 10” LF drivers and 1.3” HF compression driver per speaker

EP5 connections

400w RMS


Why choose the d&b Q7?

The audiotechnik d&b Q7 is a high-quality professional speaker that is perfect for a variety of audio applications. It features two 10″ LF drivers and a 1.3″ HF compression driver with a horn and a passive crossover network.


It’s a passive two-way speaker that requires external amplification. Amplification is ideally provided by the d&b audiotechnik D80, which features numerous presets that make setting up the Q-series simple. 


The speaker is also very rugged and can withstand the rigours of professional use. Overall, the audiotechnik d&b Q7 is an excellent choice for any audio application that requires high-quality sound and power.


The Q-Series are our go-to for a variety of live events

The Q7 is a loudspeaker cabinet that can be rotated to mount the loudspeaker horizontally where space is limited.


The Q7 can be used as a stand-alone speaker or in a larger sound system, in combination with other Q-Series cabinets ground stacked or mounted on a high stand with a swivel bracket. They can also be combined in array systems.


What are full-range speakers?

Full-range speakers like the Q7 are speakers that can reproduce close to the full range of frequencies that humans can hear, ranging from 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz. However, in reality, most full-range speakers lack the highest and lowest end. 


Full-range speakers like the d&b Q7 are used in PA systems and in some professional audio applications. Most contain a combination of horns, tweeters and woofers. The Q7 features two 10” LF drivers and a 1.3” HF driver.


d&b Q7 price

Chaps PA offers this pro-quality speaker for £30 per day. 


Prices are cheaper when hired as part of a package deal. We can combine multiple Q-Series speakers with D80 amplifiers to create high-performance systems for small or large events. 


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