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Behind every successful event is a sound engineer ensuring everything sounds as good as possible! 


Sound engineering requires a specialist skill set which includes both technical, practical and critical listening skills. By working with a sound engineer for hire, you’ll get the very best audio you can for your event. 



What are the benefits of having a sound engineer?

The responsibility of a sound engineer is to have full control over the sound of a live performance or concert. 


We manage the audio levels, frequencies, inputs and outputs of professional sound equipment ranging from microphones and amplifiers to sound systems. The engineer ensures speakers are well-placed, set up, cabled and mixed. 


Chaps PA provide sound engineering services for all types of events


The correct microphones have to be selected for the right instruments and placed properly. In addition, audio has to be mixed, effects and equalisation applied, etc. 


Your engineer will make sure that nothing goes wrong throughout the event. They are trained for worst-case scenarios, and are experienced in anything and everything that can go wrong. 


All our sound engineers for hire have attended sound engineering courses. As a result, they are fully qualified and insured and will also have an excellent grasp of music production. 


We take pride in supplying sound technicians to rig and operate our different audio systems. 



PA and sound engineer for hire

We have a variety of stock that can cater for a wide range of types of events and venues. In addition, our high-performance equipment allows our company to provide concert PA systems in London, encompassing affordability, solution-oriented services, high-quality sound equipment, and complete professionalism.


When it comes to sound, we always strive to create a perfect experience, from sound quality to selecting the appropriate and latest audio equipment.


As sound engineers for hire, we can help run and operate the sound for your show, helping with the show logistics and evaluating what equipment should be required.


It’s always useful to have a list of equipment to be provided locally before any engineering job so that we can add equipment from our stock as necessary.



Live sound engineer for hire

For live sound, we are experienced in installing sound systems into theatres and concert venues across the UK, US, and Europe. 


So if you need to rent a PA system in London, along with a stagebox, desk or any other miscellaneous equipment, we are on your doorstep. 


Chaps PA has had the opportunity to engineer for various large-scale acts and have also worked for various conferences and churches in London. 


Chaps PA are more than happy to provide a live sound engineer for your event


Our work involves preparing the equipment in advance, transporting and installing the equipment in the venue, and making sure everything is working correctly.


Salient Points:

We work as a team.

We make sure all the musicians are happy with their levels.

Communication is one of the most important tools –  “talk to stage” is crucial when communicating with band members.


Digital desks – These days, digital desks have become a standard piece of kit, and as compact and useful as they are, they are only as good as the operator controlling them. Therefore engineers must be thoroughly au fait with the digital desks they use. 


For your peace of mind, we make sure that all our engineers are up to speed with any digital desk they use.



Knowledgeable technicians

 As we stated above, setting up audio/visual equipment involves various factors that will affect the overall quality and success of your event. 


Therefore, when hiring a sound equipment company, you’ll want to ensure they have proven experience and knowledge regarding the equipment itself and how to set it up properly. 


What type of equipment is needed for your event, how much, the placement, sound levels, etc. will depend on the specifics of the venue,


So you’re almost done planning your event. Your venue has been secured, you think everything is ready to go, but then the question arises: do I need an audio engineer?


If you have been reading this page already, you will already have the answer to that question!


Some events need a skilled audio professional, while some can get by without one. However, there are many reasons not to ignore the quality of your event’s audio. For instance, event attendees are much more likely to notice poor audio before they notice other production deficiencies.


Do you really want to take the chance of something going wrong?


The engineer is the liaison between you and the MC, DJ, musicians and/or speakers. Many times your engineer will be able to decide exactly what your event might need and have the ability to communicate your needs to your performers. 


Skilled live audio engineers understand the way the human ear reacts to audio waves. You won’t even notice subtle mix changes when professionals are working.



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