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Midas DL151/153 40in Stagebox

High-quality audio for
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Midas DL151/153 40in Stagebox



The Midas DL151 and DL153 Stage Boxes provide additional I/O to the Midas PRO1-IP. 

The DL151 is equipped with 24 input channels of MIDAS preamps. It has dual AES50 ports (with redundancy). The headline here is the award-winning MIDAS preamps that provide superb, warm sound quality. 

The DL153 is a 16 input and 8 output stage box that also runs via AES50. This is a more flexible stage box unit with both inputs and outputs. 

Both require just one CAT5 (or CAT5E or CAT6) cable to connect to the Midas PRO1-IP, significantly boosting the number of session inputs and outputs. 

  • MIDAS AES50 stage boxes for expanding the I/O of the PRO1-IP

Contact us and we’ll help you assess your project/event/requirements. We can suggest what hardware you need based on your audio sources and/or instruments and front-of-house requirements. 

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