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Sound Equipment Hire & Audio Solutions

Chaps PA are proud to offer PA system rental services to those in London and the surrounding areas. 


We understand that having a quality PA system is important for any event, big or small. So whether you are hosting a party, gathering, wedding, or live concert, we have a PA system that will suit your needs.



PA system hire London 

If you’re hosting a party, never underestimate the importance of your sound system!


Our party PA sound system rentals come with quality professional audio speakers, mixing consoles, amplifiers, stageboxes, and hardware, along with all the necessary cabling. 


You can either set up the system yourself or hire Chaps PA to run your event audio. We have a range of PA system packages that are perfect for any event. So whether you’re organising a fundraiser, party, wedding, church event, or school function, our PA hire packages will add pro audio to your event to take it to the next level!


We provide PA system hire for all types of events

We offer large, medium, and small packages and sound engineering services to help you set up and run the equipment.


If you’re not sure which package is right for you, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’ll be happy to discuss your needs and will help you choose the perfect PA system for your event.



Where in London we hire PA systems to

Chaps PA serves all London boroughs and areas, including:





Tower Hamlets


Richmond upon Thames

Kingston upon Thames









Hammersmith and Fulham




Kensington and Chelsea









Our PA rental services in and around London are suitable for all events, ranging from public conferences and business events to music videos, music events, gigs, church services, and more. 



Professional PA services for conferences 

You may need to hire conference equipment to ensure that guests and attendees can hear speakers at your conference loudly and clearly. 


Chaps PA can provide you with microphones, speakers, hardware, and a sound engineer to help you with your conference if required. We can set up the system for maximum audio performance.


Professional PA setups will add a touch of professionalism to your event, and will prevent you from running into tricky technical issues!



Professional PA hire London 

Chaps PA offers live audio packages that are perfect for professional events of all shapes and sizes. 


Our packages are perfect for organisations that need PA hire in London and the surrounding areas. This includes events such as fundraisers, parties, weddings, churches, schools, and more. 


Hiring professional PA system packages ensures the smooth functioning of your event. You don’t want to let down performers, guests, speakers, etc, by providing a poor audio experience!



How the packages work

When you hire our PA system packages, you’ll receive a customised package of audio equipment and gear that suits your requirements and budget. 


Each package is different and customisable. You can choose from large, medium, and small packages for almost any event ranging from intimate parties to large-venue events. In addition, you can request a sound engineer if you need assistance with equipment. 


We’re more than happy to discuss your event and unique requirements. Do not hesitate to ask if you are confused about what PA system you need. We will be happy to help you! 




To make your event a success, we highly recommend that you hire a complete PA system with extras like lights. Lights make a huge difference to any event, whether it’s a music event, wedding, or birthday party. 


Lights are crucial to any event

Even something as small as an intimate birthday party might need lighting to improve the overall experience. 


Chaps PA provides all-in-one PA hire in London and surrounding areas. Our PA packages come with everything you need to get your event off the ground! 


Sound engineering services 

Live sound engineering is the process of amplifying, equalising, and mixing audio signals in real-time to create a live sound experience. It is an important part of any live event, whether it is a concert, a play, or a speech. 


A live sound engineer must be able to work quickly and efficiently to ensure that the audio quality is up to par. In addition, they must be able to troubleshoot any issues that may arise during the event.

Chaps PA provides professional sound engineering services to London and the south east. Our trained sound engineers have worked on all sorts of productions from small live gigs to massive festivals and conferences. 



Sound engineering services London 

Sound engineering services are vital in order to ensure that your event or performance is captured and reproduced in the best possible way. Chaps PA has a team of experienced sound engineers who are dedicated to providing the highest-quality sound for your event. 


We understand the importance of getting the sound right, and we will work with you to ensure that your event sounds as good as it possibly can. 



Why you should hire a PA system from us

Here’s why you should hire a PA system from Chaps PA: 


We have a wide range of high-quality audio equipment that is perfect for any event. 

We can tailor our PA system to your specific event requirements. 

Our team of experts can help you set up your equipment so that it is optimised for the room and the event. 

We have a wealth of experience in providing PA systems for a wide range of events. 

We offer competitive rates for our PA system hire services.


If you are looking for sound engineering services in London, then please get in touch. We would be happy to discuss your requirements and provide a free quote.


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