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High Quality Audio for Live Events

Sound Equipment Hire & Audio Solutions


If you are looking for PA systems for hire in London, we are glad you found us.

PA systems are an important part of any party, gathering, wedding, fundraiser, live concert and more, and Chaps PA can help you put together a package to suit your needs.


Party sound hire in London

Our sound system rental packages for parties can come with either analogue or digital consoles. You get speakers, amplifiers, stageboxes and speaker hardware along with all necessary cabling. Most people who are ordering a package like this can set it up easily, and also plug DJ equipment into the same system.

If you need music for a big party, this is the best way to achieve it.

You can even ask a sound engineer from Chaps PA to help you set up if you plan to DJ yourself.


Live audio hire

Live audio packages are meant for rock bands, wedding bands, or any other live performing groups that need help with their sound re-enforcement. You can rent this type of package and get a console, digital mixer, speakers of all types, multicores, cabling and even a sound engineer from Chaps PA if needed.

We can set up the stage monitors, amplifiers, and other speakers in any configuration you prefer, and the speakers will be picked up when you are finished.

We help you to make sure your live band or other performing group has access to this equipment; in many cases, bands assume you have sound ready to go when they get there. Read their contract and act accordingly. A sound engineer from Chaps PA can be hired to assist and prepare the equipment for the event.



Why hire conference equipment?

Because your attendees need to hear each other.

You can get the wireless microphones you need, speakers, hardware, and a sound engineer from Chaps PA if you need help.

You have gone to the trouble of bringing speakers and an audience together, so let our experts ensure that your guests will be heard.


Touring groups

A touring package includes all the things you would need when you rent a package for a live group.

We can help you plan all your requirments. 

You arranged for the touring group to show up, and it only works if you have your sound equipment ready to go. Again, check your contract and order accordingly.


Who these PA hire packages are for

These packages are perfect for fundraising organisations, party planners, weddings, churches, schools, and any other venue that needs PA hire in London and the surrounding areas.

If you plan conferences, you need to know where you can get the sound equipment that is needed. You also need to be able to assure your guests or acts that you have the sound equipment they need. When you cannot make these guarantees, it is difficult for you to book the guests, acts, or speakers.


How the packages work

When you hire our PA system, you get a customised combination of the equipment that you see listed above. Each package is completely different. You can choose from large, medium, and small packages. You can also ask for a sound engineer if you need assistance.

Before you hire our PA systems, we encourage you to communicate with us regarding your needs so you get the right package for the venue you are using.

If you are confused, need assistance or have doubts, do not be afraid to ask, we will be happy to help you!



To make your event a success, we highly recommend the hire of a complete PA.

Remember that you can change the feel of the entire event if you have both sound and lights. Even something as small as an intimate conference might need lighting to improve the overall audience experience.


COVID-19 protocols

You can be sure that all government guidelines have been followed when our equipment is delivered to you.

A sound engineer will follow the same protocols, and you can get the results you want even during the pandemic. Even after the pandemic ends, you will likely feel much better knowing that everything is clean and safe to use.


Hire your PA system today

You can hire a PA system today that is just right for you. You can select the package that is the right size, and check out our sound engineering services when you need a professional at your side. If you are not sure which package is best for your needs, give us a call to talk with our personnel. 

Our Packages

party equipment hire

From £200 – Various options available

For a free no obligation quote please use our contact page.

Album Launch, Showcase, Live Performance, Festival, Church, Stage Show, Seminar, Live Music


What kind of services do you provide?

We provide sound equipment hire and audio solutions for any kind of event, whether it is a musical performance or a conference, public or private, and in any location.  

Do you offer your services all over the United Kingdom?

Yes, we are located in Surrey, London, but we can reach every part of the UK, delivering the required services. For more information and availability contact us here.

Do you work only in the United Kingdom?

No, we have worked in many European countries outside the UK. and we are happy, to work in your preferred location.

You can read about our previous work abroad here and you can contact us here for further inquiries.

Where, in Surrey, are you located?

You can see our local position in our dedicate Google page here, which shows a map and all the details of our location, plus links and additional info.

Do you also offer lighting equipment for hire?

Yes, we offer lighting equipment hire as well, creating a complete package that will cover the sound and visual aspects of your event.

What kind of sound equipment do you offer?

Our services feature high-quality PA systems, consoles and any required sound-related equipment (microphones, monitoring systems, motors, amplifiers, playback(s) systems, etc.). Check our lists for more details.

Do you offer packages?

Yes, we have created different packages you can check before contacting us, to have a quick idea of what we can offer you according to the kind of event you are organising.

You can find our deals here; for more information or bespoke packages please contact us here.

Do you offer sound equipment for weddings and church services?

Yes, other than live concerts and parties, we offer bespoke packages for weddings and church events, providing the PA and any other services required by the client.  More details here.

Yes, other than live concerts and parties, we offer bespoke packages for weddings and church events, providing the PA and any other services required by the client.  More details here.

Do you charge for a quote concerning a possible hire?

No, our quotes come free of charge, giving you a plan of work considering your needs and location, with no obligation to go further.

What is the best way to contact you?

You can get in touch in multiple ways :

– via the contact form on our website;

– via phone at our office number : 0208 647 3948 or mobile number : 07835 481 538;

– via email :

You can also follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Is there any way to see previous job details?

Yes, we collect reviews from past clients on our Google Business page, receiving comments and considerations after the completion of the work experience.

Feel free to check them here.

Do you offer any promotions or discounts?

We suggest you follow our social media, where promo and bundles may be offered; you can follow us on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

Do you have a previous experience page?

Yes, we share our past experiences and jobs on our website related page here, listing venues and artists whom we have worked with.

Do you take any measures due to COVID19?

Yes, we apply all the government guidelines to promote a safe working environment, respecting and promoting social distancing.

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