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Sound Equipment Hire & Audio Solutions

Speakers are crucial to the success of any live event. Speaker hire London with Chaps PA provides access to cutting-edge pro audio equipment. 


Here at Chaps PA, we have decades of experience in the live audio and events industry and can provide professional quality speakers and sound engineering services for any event, whether large or small.



Speaker hire London 

The cost of speaker hire is less than buying the speakers outright. You’re also not responsible for the upkeep or running costs if you hire. Hiring speakers and audio equipment is usually more efficient than buying. 


Chaps PA has a large stock of different audio equipment that can be used for many different events or applications in London. 


The benefits of hiring speakers include:


On-demand access to cutting-edge technology

No maintenance costs

No running costs 

Can mix or match different equipment to suit the event’s exact needs 

Professional advice – some providers, like Chaps PA, also offer sound engineering services.


Where in London we hire speakers to

We serve all London boroughs and areas, including:





Tower Hamlets


Richmond upon Thames

Kingston upon Thames









Hammersmith and Fulham




Kensington and Chelsea









Our speaker rental services in and around London are suitable for any event, ranging from public conferences and business events to events, gigs, church services, and more. 




Sound system hire London 

Consider hiring a sound system if you need professional audio for an event or function. 


A sound system usually includes multiple speakers, an amplifier, and a mixing desk. The size of the sound system you need will depend on the size of your event. Sound systems are customisable – Chaps PA will help you determine what system suits your needs. 


Why renting speakers is better

Renting sound equipment is cheaper than buying it if you don’t use it frequently. Professional audio equipment is expensive, which prices many out of buying their own sound systems. Plus, pro audio systems require proper skills to set up, mix levels, etc. 


Moreover, if you cannot travel with all the equipment you need, you can rent speakers near the location of your show or event – or Chaps PA can deliver them to you. 




What size professional sound system do I need?

To work out what system you’ll need, you will need to take into account the space you’re working with, how many people you need to accommodate, and what type of event you’re hosting.


If you need to amplify audio for more than a dozen people, you might need a PA or sound system. You will need to consider the space you’re working with, how many people you need to accommodate, and what type of event you’re hosting when deciding which products you need, as pro sound systems are highly flexible and customisable. 



Chaps PA can help you choose the right equipment and place it in the optimal position for acoustics.


Our sound systems are flexible

Speakers to rent in London

If you want to enhance your event’s audio without breaking the bank, renting speakers is the preferred path forward. 


You can get high-quality sound without having to pay for the equipment outright. And at Chaps PA, we can provide you with top-notch gear and sound engineering services, so your event runs smooth and the audio sounds sweet!


Why you should hire a PA system from us

Chaps PA stocks all the professional audio equipment and hardware you need. 


Chaps PA packages can include items like stage monitors, speaker stands, cables, digital desks, batteries, lights, amplifiers, microphones, digital desks, etc. We can deliver equipment and provide engineering services too. 


We pride ourselves on working with each client on an individual basis. This way, we can ensure that our sound system is tailored specifically for your event. 


Our technicians are experts at helping you determine the best way to set up your speakers and place them in the room so that everyone can enjoy the event to the fullest.


Sound engineers

Sound systems are complex and require specialist skills to set up and operate. Knowledge of sound physics and room acoustics is essential, and systems must be set up according to the audio in question. For example, audio engineering for speech differs from live music, and both differ from DJ events with bass-heavy music, and so on. 


Our sound engineers will simplify speaker rental in London – we’re happy to provide sound engineering services for any event. 


Sound services 

Regarding pro audio, it’s not as simple as plugging in the speakers and switching everything on! 


Sound system and PA installations require professional sound services to ensure speakers are properly placed, cabled and mixed properly. This is especially true for multi-speaker installations with microphones on live instruments. 


We provide sound engineering services for events of every shape and size

Professional sound services are integral to a successful event. Behind every successful event is a sound engineer ensuring everything runs smoothly and sounds sweet! 



Events in London

Hosting events is complicated but highly rewarding. Event organisers rely on audio rental and engineering services to deliver professional sound. 


If you’re planning on hosting an event in London, Chaps PA can help you by providing speakers and other equipment you’ll need in advance. So everything required will be set up and ready when guests walk through the door. 




Speaker rental in London today

Are you looking for speaker hire in London? Chaps PA can provide everything you need for any event, with or without sound engineering services. 


Please get in touch – we’d love to hear about your event! 


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