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Sound Equipment Hire & Audio Solutions

Speaker rental in London is an integral part of your success as an event planner, musician, performer, or manager.

Speakers are the direct link between you and the people attending your events.

Professional quality speakers may be very expensive, but to achieve your vision and goal you do not have to buy your own; that is why we are here to supply you with our audio equipment.


With our service, you are sure to achieve a successful outcome, making sure the guests will hear and enjoy the performers, and that the equipment will be ready.


Why renting speakers is better

Renting sound equipment is much cheaper than buying it.

It all depends on how much you use this equipment. If you do not use your sound equipment frequently, you should consider hiring the systems you need. If you cannot travel with all the equipment you need, you can rent speakers near the location of your show or event.

Where speakers are most effective

Sound equipment is effective in any location. You must, however, know which products you need when you are setting up for an event. Therefore, setting up for a conference is different from setting up for a live concert with a rock band. Because of this, you might need a little help. When you rent speakers from Chaps PA, our sound experts will help you choose the right equipment, place it properly, and set it up.


Other equipment available

With CHAPS PA, you are not limited to a speaker system. We can help you choose a package that will cover all your needs. Most of our packages can include items like stage monitors, cables, digital desks, and lights. You can add amplifiers, microphones, digital desks, sound engineers, delivery, and set up a schedule that is right for your situation.  

We recommend you ask us which type of package would be right for you to make sure that you get a full system that will work in your situation. 

For example, rock bands need monitors on stage, while this may not be necessary for someone who is speaking at a conference.

Weddings come with their own unique set of considerations For example; when you are setting up for a string quartet at a wedding, you do not need the powerful amps that rock band needs.

Each client we work with is completely different and is treated as such. Our technicians will help you work through the band placement, where the audience will be sitting, and where exactly you should place your speakers for optimal results.


Sound engineers

When you need help with your sound equipment, you should ask for help from a sound engineer. Yes, you can get a professional to help you.

Our sound engineers make your speaker rental in London simple, easy, and successful – let us help you run your next live event.


Hosting events

Hosting events is not easy – there’s much to do to make the event enjoyable for everyone. When you are hosting an event, be sure to call us as soon as you can, so that the speakers and other equipment you need can be planned, organised and reserved.

Remember that some of this equipment might not be available if you wait until the last minute, and you might have performers at your event who specifically requested certain pieces of equipment in their contract.


Performing in London

Buying your own equipment and having a trucking company to transport it can be very expensive, as well as demanding in terms of organisation and time management.

Chaps PA takes care of the supply and the set-up of the equipment for you, leaving you free to focus on other aspects of your event.


Speaker rental in London today

Ready to get started with your next speaker hire in London?

Get in touch – we would love to hear from you! You can also ask about sound engineering if needed.

Rental speakers are practical, can be tailored to your event, and will come to you when you book online today, whether it is a concert, a conference, or any other event.


You can reach out for a speaker rental in London at any time. You do not need to be an expert – you can simply pick a package that best suits your requirement. If you would like to discuss your event enquire at or you can also call us on this number:+44 (0) 7835481538