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High Quality Audio for Live Events


Terms & Conditions

Dry hires

All dry hires – meaning the client takes the equipment away from our premises – must be booked in advance and picked up by appointment.

(Our hours are very flexible, but this also means we are sometimes unavailable. We advise you to phone first.)


We require two forms of ID and a utility bill:

  • 1. Driver’s Licence with a photograph and current address
  • 2. Passport with photograph and current address
  • 3. Recent utility bill(it must have the same address as the licence and passport)

Payment method

Cash, cheque, or bank transfer to be paid in advance if a new client or due in 14 days after the invoice date.


The responsibility for the equipment rests with the hirer if any damage, theft or loss occurs. The rented audio equipment must be kept in secure premises while in the possession of the hirer.


PLEASE NOTE the equipment for hire is not insured, unless it is delivered, manned and setup by us. For dry hires, the equipment is the responsibility of the said hirer.

Chaps Pa Terms of Hire

  • 1.The hirer’s responsibility starts after receiving the audio equipment and ends after it has been delivered back to the Chaps PA premises.
  • 2.The hirer is the person or company named on the rental agreement form.
  • 3.The audio equipment remains the property of Chaps PA. The equipment must be insured by the hirer for the dates the equipment is rented in the cases of an unmanned hire (dry) hire.
  • 4.All the hire charges will be specified to the customer before the collection or the delivery is made.
  • 5.Charges will be imposed if the audio equipment is returned damaged, or is stolen.
  • 6.The hirer shall not under any circumstances lease, lend, or sell the audio equipment.
  • 7.The hirer must notify Chaps PA in writing of any cancellation or reduction of services.
    Chaps PA is entitled to levy the following charges in the event of a cancellation.

    •    1. Cancellation 28 days or less prior to the hire period: 25% of the total hire charge.
    •    2. Cancellation 14 days or less prior to the hire period: 50% of the total hire charge.
    •    3. Cancellation 7 days or less prior to the hire period: 100% of the total hire charge.
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