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The d&b audiotechnik d80



£80 per Day

The D80 amplifier is a high power four channel density amplifier, key element in services, providing a maximum output power 4 x 4000 W into 4 Ω to our d&b loudspeaker setups.



Core Details of D80 Amplifier

It uses a power supply with active Power Factor Correction (PFC) suitable for mains voltages 100 V/120 V/200 V/230 V, 50 – 60 Hz and maintains a stable output when used with weak or unstable mains supplies. An NL8 provides all outputs on a single connector, while individual outputs are optionally NL4 or EP5 connectors. RJ45 and etherCON connectors enable access to the d&b Remote network via CAN-Bus and OCA/AES70 via Ethernet respectively.


Among its qualities, there is an amazing signal delay capability that enables user-definable settings of up to 10 s (= 3440 m/11286 ft) to be applied independently to each channel. The same applies to the two 16-band equalisers, providing optional parametric, asymmetric, shelving or notch filtering. 


With the LoadMatch function, an increased accuracy of audio reproduction over a bandwidth of up to 20 kHz can be obtained – thanks to its electrical compensation of loudspeaker cable properties, without the need for an extra conductor.






You can easily set up the amp with its featured colour TFT touchscreen, a 3.5″/320 x 240 pixel display that makes it faster and more straightforward.



Why choose the d&b audiotechnik d80?

The D80 is an exceptional amplifier that produces warm, clean and detailed audio even with long cable runs. It has a great TFT touchscreen interface which offers smooth access to the menu structure and settings. The panel is tilted upwards to make it easy to read from typical viewing angles. 



The digital signal processor (DSP) features many common and some less common settings. It has plenty of presets for d&b speakers, which makes setting up this amp with audiotechnik speakers extremely easy. There are dual 16-band EQs with parametrix, shelving, notching and asymmetric configurations. 


Each input can be set up with delays of up to 10 seconds for atypical venues. In addition, pink noise and sine generators simplify the task of setting up systems for maximal acoustic performance. 


One of the more interesting features is the LoadMatch system. This helps compensate for electrical loads for speaker cables on long cable runs. 


This powerful amp isn’t particularly heavy either. It’s become a staple among pro audio setups. 


Chaps PA offers the d&b audiotechnik d80 alongside our other products from the same brand. 



d&b sound system

d&b audiotechnik is a German pro audio and amplifier manufacturer that was initially founded in 1981, in Stuttgart. This international company has become a hallmark of the pro audio industry, and their products are often used in professional audio installations. 


The audiotechnik Q-Series are some of the most renowned loudspeakers in the world. They pack excellent audio in compact packages and suit all events, ranging from jazz and classical to rock and bass-heavy electronic music. 


Audiotechnik’s ecosystem boasts excellent cross-compatibility. For example, the d&b audiotechnik d80 features numerous presets for the Q-Series, which makes their setup swift and easy. 


Chaps PA stocks many audiotechnik products, including the Q-Series and d&b line array. 



What is a power amplifier?

An amplifier takes an electrical signal and processes it to increase the signal to then pass it into a speaker system. Passive speakers – which are often the largest and most powerful speakers – lack built-in amplification (as smaller speakers like studio monitors and PC speakers have). 


So, in order to power passive speakers, you need an amplifier like the d&b audiotechnik d80. The d&b audiotechnik d80 has a maximum output power of 4 x 4000W into 4 Ω, which is considerable enough to power a small sound system on its own. 


Modern power amps also contain digital signal processors (DSPs) and other settings designed to improve sound quality and functionality.

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