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DiGiCo SD8-48 Digital Console

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DiGiCo SD8-48 | Digital Console

DiGiCo SD8-48 Digital Console

£300 PER DAY

This colossal professional digital mixing console by DiGiCo can handle up to 120 channels depending on what stage box(s) it’s connected with. It has 8 of its own inputs/outputs but massive expansion is enabled by the eight mono AES I/O ports and two MADI connections (fibre optic). It also has a 16 x 16 full processing matrix and 48 aux / sub-group busses for unprecedented control of large-scale live sound events. 

This flagship console has effects, EQ and processing units galore, expandable with Waves stereo MultiRacks. It can process up to 190 assignable dynamic EQs, multi-band compressors and DiGiTubes (valve amp emulators).

This is the chosen console of many international acts worldwide and is cut-out for even the most intensive and complex live audio sessions. 

  • Max 120 input channels
  • Advanced effects and processing units with Waves plugin expandability>
  • 15” LCD TFT panel
  • Large-scale connectivity for demanding events

This internationally recognised desk is amongst the very best in its class. It’s ideal for theatre events. 

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