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DiGiCo SD8-48 | Digital Console

DiGiCo SD8-48 Digital Console

£300 PER DAY

This colossal professional digital mixing console by DiGiCo can handle up to 120 channels, depending on what stage box(s) it’s connected with. It has 8 of its own inputs/outputs, but massive expansion is enabled by the eight mono AES I/O ports and two MADI connections (fibre optic). It also has a 16 x 16 full processing matrix and 48 aux / sub-group busses for unprecedented control of large-scale live sound events. 

This flagship console has effects, EQ and processing units galore, expandable with Waves stereo MultiRacks. In addition, it can process up to 190 assignable dynamic EQs, multi-band compressors and DiGiTubes (valve amp emulators).

This is the chosen console of many international acts worldwide and is cut out for even the most intensive and complex live audio sessions. 

• Max 120 input channels

• Advanced effects and processing units with Waves plugin expandability>

• 15” LCD TFT panel

• Large-scale connectivity for demanding events

• This internationally recognised desk is amongst the very best in its class. It’s ideal for theatre events. 


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Why choose Digico SD8?

The Digico SD8 is a powerful digital mixing console that offers a wide range of features and capabilities for advanced live sound. It is ideal for live sound reinforcement and studio recording applications – but is most at home at large-scale events. 



The console features up to 120 channels with mono AES I/O ports and two MADI connections (fibre optic) and a 16 x 16 full processing matrix, and 48 aux / sub-group busses for unprecedented control of large-scale live sound events. 


The SD8 offers a variety of input and output options, making it a versatile mixing console. It is also easy to use, with a user-friendly interface.




Digico SD8 features

The SD8’s tremendous versatility is provided by its 120 input channels at 48kHz/96kHz, with fully-featured channel processing across I/O. Processing includes:


• Channel Delay

• Single and Multi-Channel Presets

• Dual insert points

• Hi and Lo-pass filters 

• Four-band parametric EQ with band curve selection

• DiGiCo’s DYN 1 (Compressor, De-esser or Multiband Compressor)

• DYN 2 (Gate, Compressor or Ducker)


Its 190 dynamic processors can be assigned to any IO for unprecedented control. The master section is also stacked out with 24 32-band graphic EQs, 16 stereo effects and 24 control groups. 


Innovative snapshots enable users to switch between configurations. 



What is a mixing desk?

A mixing desk, also known as a sound board, audio console, or mixing console, is an electronic device for combining, routing, and changing the level, processing, altering timbre and/or dynamics, etc, of audio signals. 


A mixing desk is used in sound recording, broadcast, live sound reinforcement and sound reinforcement system and consists of three sections, each with its own set of controls: 


• The input section, where audio signals are brought into the mixer 

• The mixing section, where the audio signals are combined and processed 

• The output section, where the processed audio signals are sent out


The input section of a mixing desk is typically made up of several input channels, each with its own gain control and equalisation controls. The mixing section combines the input signals and routes them to the appropriate output. A mixing desk’s output section comprises a number of output channels, each with its own level control. 



Digico SD8 price

This state-of-the-art console can cost in excess of £20,000 new. Chaps PA offers it at the stunning day rate of just £300! 


With Chaps PA, you’ll gain access to this outstanding console – and we can provide sound engineering services to help you get the very best out of it for any event.



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